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About the Perceptual Integration Training

The Perceptual Integration Training is an educational process for connecting with and reclaiming the center within one’s self and for exploring the potential this experience holds for generating a new grace in being.

Most of us desire to be in greater contact with what is most deep and real in ourselves.

We understand that our outer circumstances and achievements alone do not guarantee a sense of fulfillment. To become complete and whole involves something more. While we expend a great deal of energy and time supporting our outer life, experience shows us that nourishing and cultivating our inner life is equally important. Ultimately, we discover that our outer life does not evolve unless we do.

In these increasingly accelerated times, there is less and less quiet in which to evolve our inner life. The events of the world are such that our minds and hearts are rarely still. We forget that wisdom, decisive action and good fortune arise most effectively from the still center within us.






Experiential in focus


Develops the creative use of self-awareness


Emphasizes bringing one’s attention to the moment

This approach does not represent or adhere to any ideology, religious stance or rigid set of practices. It is an educational process for developing self-awareness, starting from within. It encourages participants to access their own inner wisdom that lies beneath their habitual concepts and beliefs, and to embrace the authenticity of their own direct experience.

At the Heart of the Process


Through awareness practices, we develop the capacity to distinguish thought from sensation and intuitive feeling from conditioned response. We learn to locate our center and come to rest within ourselves. From this location, we are able to choose our responses instead of being at the effect of circumstance. We become proficient at managing our own state of being.


Physical presence is the capacity to ground one's self in the moment of immediate felt experience. As we practice being embodied in the present, we are released from our interpretations of the past and our projections of the future. Consequently, anxiety is replaced by a new feeling of vitality for realizing one's own vision for life.


Energy is what we are and what surrounds us. It is how we experience Spirit in its infinite range of frequencies. The practice of energy awareness develops our capacity to move within these energetic frequencies and to take creative responsibility for their direction. This results in an infusion of expanded self-awareness that connects us with a deeper sense of unity. We recognize that we are more than we perceive ourselves to be.

About the Programs


The Perceptual Integration process consists of a series of one-day trainings in which participants learn and practice together within a group setting. The trainings are designed to create a safe, open and experiential environment. Participants learn to focus on their state of being: how to manage it and how to expand it with the skillful practice of self awareness. This opportunity to practice with the support and shared energy of a training community is a catalyst for individual learning and growth.


Art manifests in the moment of direct experience. When you’re in the moment, creativity naturally occurs. Conversely, when you are creatively self-expressive, you connect with your intuition and easily come to rest within your own center. In this special workshop, artistic media function as the vehicle for learning to play with creativity. This workshop is about using art to connect with yourself. By bringing meditative practice into painting, clay sculpture, voice and movement, we connect with our own creative energies.


This training creates the opportunity for committed partners to nurture their connection through the practice of presence. In a non-confrontational and supportive environment, you and your partner practice engaging in the moment. By emphasizing empathic listening, intentionality, energetic connection and the generation of good will, together you create a deeper, more accepting and loving state of being. When presence is practiced in intimate relationship, we are not only heard we are received.


Training is available for those who wish to engage in an individual course of study, designed to meet their particular needs, circumstances and schedule. One-to-one training accelerates the development of self-awareness through close guidance and support.

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