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What Participants say about the Perceptual Integration Training

"The training has been a powerful tool for self-examination and discovery, a test tube where I could take all my spiritual belief systems and begin experiencing them in a meaningful way that made some practical sense, on a day-to-day basis."
   -Elizabeth Helms, RN, Menlo Park, CA - Rosen Bodyworker
"I came to the training after losing my wife at the end of a seven year battle with her cancer. I felt heart broken and unable to find meaning in life. The PI training has been an important contributor to my healing. It has given me an important way to be aware of and work with my inner state. The supportive yet challenging approach has made the training exciting and effective for me."
   -Jim Bronson, Mountain View, CA - President, Performance Dynamics
"The training has increased my level of self acceptance. It demonstrated to me that while my process might be totally unique, it is totally appropriate for me."
   -Laureen Asato, Berkeley, CA Technical Writer, Aspiring Cellist & Stone Carver
"My experience of being with Gary and Ellen is that they are their work. What they teach is not separate from who they are. It is generated from their own explorations then lived and integrated into their being. Somehow, they are able to translate and teach this experience of self-awareness and self love to others. They open the door to new possibilities of deeply knowing, respecting and loving all the dimensions of oneself."
   -Marcia Taylor, Santa Fe, NM - Counselor
"Gary and Ellen are educators of the soul. The training made available to me a place to experience the extraordinary in the ordinary and through simple yet profound practices to integrate my new awareness into my daily life. I came away with an experience of myself that fulfilled my questing soul."
   -Sue Ann McKean, Woodside, CA 4th Dan Aikido Instructor, Enneagram Teacher
"The training left me with a sense of release providing a vehicle to higher meditative states. I feel freer, more spontaneous, and greater self-love."
   -Gail Gregory, Annapolis, MD- Acupuncturist.
"The Perceptual Integration training has helped me bring the living of my life into alignment with my intentions for my life. It has enriched my relationship with my wife, helping us to create a mutually fulfilling life together where we support each other in our individual growth. I find this work a natural extension of my other spiritual practices - supporting those practices as I live my life in the world."
   -David Boyd , San Francisco, CA - CEO, Learning Resource Network
"The training has deepened my quality of living. It's helped me become closer to myself and my heart's desire."
   -Gary Solomons, London, England- Software Consultant
"I've discovered parts of me I always knew were there, but didn't know how to access."
   -Shirley Grant, Sebastopol, CA - Herbalist
"The training started me on a journey of expanding awareness and love which continues to enrich my life. I expect this process will continue to be a central part of my life for all of my remaining days."
   -Bruce Rohrer, Menlo Park, CA --Operations Manager
"The training has shown me that it is possible to energetically experience the universe in a more peaceful, tolerant, comfortable and loving way. It's like a breath of fresh air."
   -Lynne Klaeveman, San Francisco, CA - Computer Consultant
"I've learned how to go within myself and how to handle my fears. I received tangible living skills. I've learned how to stay within myself, to stay calm and centered, even in a crisis. This is deeply spiritual work that supports emergence - the emerging me."
   -Pam Swanson, Los Altos Hills, CA Emergency Room Patient Relations Rep.
"Everything about it was full of learning and experience, validating and very nurturing to me."
   -Dan Mitchell, Santa Fe, NM- Building Contractor
"A major benefit from the training has been a general overall calming of my life, an ability to relax and view life differently. I see that we are here for the experience of it. This one change in perception alone has helped me release a great deal of worry and guilt."
   -Beth Blach, Mt. View, CA - Human Resource Recruiter
"I have developed a deep knowing that I do have a strong inner wisdom. The training helped me develop this ability so I can access it consistently, frequently and reliably."
   -Colleen Cannon Boyd, San Francisco, CA - Management Consultant
"The training has accelerated my process and provided a safe place for me to experience without judgment."
   -Janice MacLaren, Palo Alto, CA - Probation Manager


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